King Ranch

The leather goods business of King Ranch originated in those chaotic years following the Civil War. During the War, the Ranch was raided and looted by Union troops. When the hostilities were finally over, Captain King re-established with the forethought that ranching in South Texas demanded not only good men, horses, and cattle, but also outstanding gear. He needed saddles that were durable, yet lightweight, comfortable to ride, yet easy on the horses' backs. Unsuccessful in finding saddles of this quality, he hired experienced craftsmen who could make them and soon began operating his own saddlery. The fame of King Ranch custom saddles and durable leather goods, which carried the Running W brand, quickly spread throughout the Southwest and brought with it the need to fill orders for outside customers. The aim was to offer ranchers and cowboys, in an ever-widening territory, saddles, and accessories of quality and style suited to meet every need of the harsh range. The King Ranch Saddle Shop continues to practice what the early saddlemakers had learned. In materials, only the best is good enough, and in styling, simplicity has its own elegance. In the spirit of this tradition, you will find in the CITYCENTRE location new products, old favorites, a few anecdotes on King Ranch history, and a variety of photographs taken in the 30s and of today. The hands have changed, but the techniques, craftsmanship, skill, and pride are all the same timeless quality that King Ranch has been long known for. King Ranch Saddle Shop at CITYCENTRE is hiring Retail Associates. Applicants may email their resume to [email protected]