Grub Burger Bar

CITYCENTRE is pleased to welcome the second location of Grub Burger Bar to the project in early 2013. Originally located in College Station, Texas, look for Grub Burger Bar upstairs, next to RA Sushi at CITYCENTRE. The restaurant features a menu that combines high-quality ingredients and chef-driven recipes both in the kitchen and bar—to deliver a truly unique experience.\nCustomers can enjoy an in-house ground cheeseburger on a freshly baked bun and a frosty cold beer; or they can dive into a hand-chopped yellow fin ahi tuna salad with wasabi & ginger and a glass of wine. The chef will push the limit with weekly specials, but for those who want to enjoy the classics, Grub Burger will always have their staple cheeseburger, fries, and a milkshake. Download the grublove app to your iPhone or Android, and receive one point per dollar spent to earn rewards!